Novin Infertility Treatment Center, as the first private center for infertility treatment in the eastern part of the country, started its activity in 2007 and has since received countless patients from all over the country. In addition, this center, with an official license to accept international patients, is one of the active and well-known complexes in the field of health tourism to which many clients refer from other countries annually.


Center Departments

 ART Laboratory, 3rd floor

The ART Laboratory includes two wards of embryology and andrology. The embryology laboratory of this center has the most advanced equipment for performing laboratory fertilization. In this laboratory, with the cooperation of embryology specialists and experienced laboratory science experts, in addition to performing IVF and microinjection, there is the possibility of examining the health of the embryo before implantation (PGS), determining the gender, as well as the possibility of freezing and preserving egg tissue, sperm, and embryos for future use by couples to preserve their fertility. In this laboratory, laboratory hatching is also performed to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Operating Room, 3rd floor

The operating rooms of this center have a specialized and experienced staff and are equipped with the most advanced equipment for performing laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, diagnostic curettage, biopsy, Micro-TESE, varicocelectomy, vasovasostomy, and other surgeries related to infertility treatment.


Recovery Ward, 3rd floor

The recovery ward includes beds equipped with monitoring, central oxygen, and suction for post-operative care.


Inpatient Department, 2nd floor

The inpatient departments of Novin Infertility Treatment Center include two wards; Inpatient Ward 1, with the use of the most modern medical and welfare equipment and experienced staff, including experienced nurses, to provide services to patients who are under anesthesia.

Inpatient Ward 2 is located on the fourth floor of the clinic in a very calm space for temporary hospitalization and providing services to patients who have had embryo transfer.

It is worth mentioning that a nursing station is also located in the middle of the ward, so that resident nurses can be fully master on the patients’ rooms.

The International Patients Unit (2nd floor)

 The International Patients Unit (IPD) is responsible for providing services to foreign patients in the field of infertility treatment, coordination with the admission unit for patient hospitalization, coordination with the IPD physician for initial visit and determination of the treating physician, coordination with the inpatient ward and operating room, coordination with the discharge unit for treatment cost estimation and settlement, and ultimately following up on the treatment of hospitalized patients. It is responsible for following up on all medical services related to hospitalized patients through the International Patients Department, and the IPD physician is responsible for providing faster and higher quality services to patients admitted through the International Patients Department. Providing services to patients in this department outside of the regular scheduling is also done.

The IPD inpatient ward and physician visit unit is located on the second floor of this center and the reception unit for its patients is on the ground floor.


Clinic reception (1st floor)

Patients who need to undergo ultrasound or visit a physician must first be admitted to this reception area. After receiving the individual’s file number and completing the admission process, then patients are led to the physician’s visit room.


Physician’s visit room (1st floor)

The physician’s visit room is equipped with advanced ultrasound devices so that, based on the conditions and the physician’s discretion, the patient’s condition can be examined with these ultrasound devices during the visit. This ward has a waiting area where the patient’s medical history, treatment records, and test results are reviewed, and after completing the patient’s file, the patient is led to the physician’s room.


Ultrasound room (1st floor)

The ultrasound room is equipped with the most advanced ultrasound devices. It is necessary to explain that all ultrasounds at the center are performed vaginally for a more accurate examination. All necessary ultrasounds for the assessment of ovarian and uterine conditions of patients undergoing infertility treatment, as well as ultrasounds for assessing sac and fetal heart conditions, and ultrasounds for assessing uterine and ovarian problems are performed in this ward. This ward also has a changing room and waiting area.


Consultation (1st floor)

In the consultation ward, caring and hardworking midwives at the clinic are accountable to reply your questions in person or online. (through WhatsApp and Rubika messengers) 

Operating Room Admission Department, Ground Floor

Patients who have a surgery appointment must visit the ground floor admission department on the same morning to complete administrative procedures before hospitalization. Also at the request of the clients, presenting the invoice of the surgical costs are done in this department.


Specialists of Novin Treatment Center


Patient Guide

To make an appointment, you can call +98 5138825870 during office hours.

Having all previous medical records of the couple in relation to infertility and the couple’s identity card on the day of the visit is mandatory.

The bladder must be empty for vaginal sonography.

During the first visit, in most cases, a spermogram is taken from the spouse, so it is better to have 3 to 5 days passed since the last intercourse at the time of the visit.